Using Traffic Data to Have an Effective Traffic Management Plan

Traffic is incessantly increasing within the cities and there are no effective management plans for the same. This is mainly because of the lack of data available to create the policies. But once authorities can predict the traffic, offer accurate arrival times and find the best routes for travel, the traffic management can get easier and better. Hence, here we will discuss certain points that will ensure the right traffic flow and utilize the necessary infrastructure.

A mandatory checklist for your traffic management

If you are working as the road authority, here are certain elements you can consider to create your management plan:

Time travel reliability

The road operators must create stable travel times to help the drivers know their expected journey times. This can be done properly through reliability studies. The floating car traffic data is an archive that can be used. This archive contains the actual journeys taken by the drivers and cover the entire road network. You can pick up any specific region and conduct your analysis. The financial and safety risks can also be taken into consideration.

Using historical traffic data to ease out congestions

The travel times during peak hours are compared with the times of free-flowing traffic and congestion hotspots are identified. The policies can then be created by comparing these hotspots, bottlenecks, and formulate feasible actions and policies and sort the issues causing the delays. The signals can be retimed based on these findings, change the lane configurations, and reduce the delay at the intersections.

Public transportation management

Traffic management is not limited to improvising road network traffic. It goes beyond that and public transport forms a key part of it. They demand comfortable and stable mobility and the traffic management plans need to revolve around making their mobility better. The management plans need to analyze the locations and corridors and understand their travel times between different points. Places that slow their movement due to congestion need to prioritize dissolving the traffic and ensure the free movement of buses.

Traffic management for urban logistics

The road infrastructures are constantly analyzed to make way for improvement. Here, the existing capacity is thoroughly investigated and investments are made to increase their capacity. This would lower down the travel time, maintain optimal speeds, improve road networks, smoothen the traffic flows.

Capital Traffic Management help authorities plan and control the traffic for every major and minor roadway.

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