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It is the very first both cryptocurrency and successful implementation of blockchain technology. Many confuse cryptocurrencies with digital currencies. The difference lies in the fact that digital currencies are just electronic form of government backed currency and hence, government controls its flow whereas, cryptocurrencies are cryptographic algorithms based entities with no physical existence  and of highly volatile nature.


It is implemented on distributed ledger technology which is basically, a database consisting of various small data containing blocks, each connected to the previous one except for the genesis-block. The sequence of the blocks and data that it contains is consensually accepted by the peers. It is built upon the same production system as that of gold. It is generated aftera difficult, computing intensive and hence, costly puzzle-solving activity named mining, which accounts for its high value in market. To make it presence in limited quantity like gold, the production of bitcoin is limited to a certain time in future (allegedly 2140, which is calculated by the halving schedule.


According to Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, the idea of having to trust an authority in conventional currency system is its con. To remove that trust factor, Satoshi aimed to build a system where peers don’t actually have to have trust on anyone because that comes automatically in this system. To tamper with the distributed ledger, one needs 51% compute power which is next to impossible due to the psychological warfare among the big authorities. Since no single entity can let any other entity gain the 51% of computing power, the systemremains safebitpapa.


As bitcoin is produced on the basis of cryptographic algorithms, this system is prone to complete crash if very high-speed computing machines like quantum computers come into existence which seemingly, is a near-future event. To protect it from such crash, more intelligent cryptographic algorithms need to be generated. Moreover, its volatile nature on daily basis is also a cause of concern. But this can also be tackled by making wise decisions and not acting on rumours.

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Even though bitcoin is not a fool proof system of cryptocurrency but still, it is a very promising and robust one. It paved way for newer and improved system of cryptocurrencies and also gave limelight to its core technology, the blockchain technology, which is now being implemented successfully in many areas. Enables a person to have one of the greatest prophets to investment and cryptocurrency mining bigger coins. If one follows this website, it is much helpful on the inside and up-gradation to get deeper into the knowledge and field.

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