There are many elements of a supply chain, and one of them is shipping. For the business to run smoothly, each aspect of the supply chain needs to function correctly. You must have a reliable shipping partner. As each business has a unique shipping requirement, the shipping solutions need to be tailored accordingly. Whether it is LTL Shipping Canada or full truckload shipping, you need a partner that understands your needs. A simple search on the internet will provide you with multiple options. We are here to help you decide which LTL shipping partner would be ideal for your business.

Best Competitive Pricing

When deciding to consume services, pricing plays a determining factor. In LTL shipping, you only need to pay for the space that has been occupied by your cargo. This is unlike other shipping containers, in which you pay for the complete truck irrespective of whether you have filled up the space or not. As payment is only for the occupied space, the remaining space would be paid for by the other businesses using it. Reputed companies like Amplify Logistics provide the best competitive pricing. When they share the pricing with you, it will include all the additional services that you would be requiring like pickup and delivery, along with the shipping costs.

Increased Safety

In LTL shipping, making use of smaller packaging is always better. The packages are placed inside a crate or pallet. After which, they are loaded into the truck. This increases the safety of the cargo when it is being transported. It increases the safety because it brings down the losses usually associated with handling a lot of smaller units inside the trailer. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your cargo when using LTL shipping mode.

Customized Shipping Service

Shipping requirement is unique to each business. When looking for solutions, they should be tailored as per your requirement. It is an essential part of the supply chain, and the shipping process should be tailored to supplement it. The shipping solutions need to be tailored in a manner, that complements the supply chain and makes the process easier for you.

On-Time Pick-up and Delivery

A shipment that leaves the location on time has higher chances of reaching its location on or before time. The company should be committed to carrying out the pickup and delivery on time. Amplify Logistics has a large network of agents spread throughout Canada that enables them to deliver the shipments efficiently and on time. They are the leading experts in logistics and supply chains committed to providing their partners with the best shipping services.

Ability to Track shipment

Knowing where your package is and having the shipment details helps the mind be at ease. When using the LTL mode of shipping, you can easily track the shipment. Amplify Logistics uses the latest tracking technology that helps you to know how far along your package is in transit.

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