Why Friendly Dunning Letter is Important

Many times, it happens that many shopkeepers and businesspersons, after selling their goods and services, have amount due to be paid by the defaulting customer reminder. So, in maximum such cases where the invoice due is there by the defaulting customer who are friendly, the business org. switch to dunning services. Dunning services are not bad, but there should be a friendly reminder to the customer regarding the invoice due or amount due to be paid by them. Always remember, even in dunning services, the first reminder free of charge. You can even text your customer with a friendly note, that is polite, funny, and smart. All you need is proper formulation and wording of the bill reminder or the invoice reminder letter that you write.

Friendly Reminder is Important –

You can also get the template sample online. A nicely formulated payment reminder with humor is one of the best invoice reminder letters that you can give to your defaulting customer. You can also get the free sample of the friendly and funny letters online. But why should you choose the free sample online? It is always better to take the services of the payment reminder with humor and such third party services are more effective, rather than your company sending the letters. If you want you can send friendly reminder in the form of text message to the customer. The freundliche reminder can be sent as a request for payment from the defaulting customer.

Reminders and Types –

You can also write reminder or make an invoice reminder of template sample on behalf of your company, but that payment reminder should be a friendly reminder. Many times, it happens that people choose dunning services whose first reminder free of charge is friendly reminder. But, the second bill reminder is not a friendly reminder. In the second invoice reminder, there are steps that are mentioned of the necessary action in reminder of the case of late payment or untimely payments.

Lender of the Last Resort –

So, this type of not so friendly reminder or no request for payment annoys the customer and makes them an unwilling to pay customer. Dunning services and judicial dunning procedure’s should be like the lender of the last resort for the companies to take the amount due from any customer. If you write reminders with a request for payment then make sure that it is a polite request with proper formulation and wording, which is wrapped with smart words. Free sample or template sample of polite request for payment or freundliche Reminder is available online.

Friendly Reminders –

There are several reasons as to why you should send a friendly reminder to the customers whose payment are in arrears. The first and the foremost reason is that, with a friendly reminder your relationship will not be harmed. You can always choose to send a friendly text reminder through dunning services until you receive the payment. Remember, a polite reminder is equally important. A study has revealed that, the customers who go funny or polite reminders by the business or shop persons were more likely to make quick payments compared to those who received dunning letters.

Never Threaten the Consumers –

So, this shows that polite and friendly reminders works best in the favor of the seller or the business org. You can also choose to personally text the default customer, provided it is a friendly note and reminder, which is polite. Apart from that, if you want you can also get sample template online of the friendly invoice reminder message online. Payment reminders should never be made with a threat to take legal action or steps or threat with imprisonment or fine. It is better to send a friendly text to the customers rather than annoying them with a legal dunning services letter and others.

Customer Forgets and Stubborn Attitude –

Most of the times it happens that friendly customer genuinely do not remember the reminder to pay the money or the invoice. And, also in some cases the invoice is lost and the customer totally forgets to pay the money. At that point in time, if you send not so friendly reminders to the default customer, then it can annoy them to such an extent that stubborn customers will not pay. That is the mentality of people. Payment reminder if it is gentle and funny, then it can have a positive impact on the people and it can even make an unwilling to pay customer into a willing to pay customer. You can always send a funny text note of invoice reminder to the friendly customers.

If you want to save your long-term business relationship with the customers or consumers and have a long-term goal with them, then you should choose payment reminder with humor or friendliness services, rather than dunning or legal dunning services.

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