Few Options for Warehouse Automation to Increase the Efficiency of Operation

Warehouse automation is very important for making the operation more efficient. Through various automation, you can automate the movement of various inventories into, within, and also out of warehouses for sending to customers with minimal involvement of manpower.

With over 4 decades of experience, Top Industries which is a leading supplier of various pallet exchangers all across the US can offer you a custom-designed pallet transfer system, which is one of the main parts of any warehouse automation.

All the systems offered by this company will be versatile, safe to handle, and can make your warehouse more efficient.

As mentioned above, your business can eliminate most labour-intensive duties that might involve repetitive physical activities such as manual data entry and analysis after automation.

Your warehouse worker will now load an autonomous mobile robot that will carry heavy packages. The robot can move your inventory from any location to the other end of the warehouse and even to the shipping zone.

The software will record all the movement of your inventory and show you current records. These robots can improve the speed, efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of your task.

Most warehouse automation even does not need any physical or robotic automation, but it simply refers to the necessary software to replace all your manual tasks.

Pallet conveyors are one of the main components of any warehouse automation. They are designed for moving and also handling heavy loads and can optimize handling operations required for manufacturing, warehouse, and also distribution centres.

Suppliers can provide a solution that combines top-notch technology and suits the particular needs of your process to get things up and running quickly and effectively.

Pallet conveyors assist in lowering overall operating expenses while facilitating increased throughput and flexibility in moving heavy loads. With the help of this modern equipment, a more ergonomic method is introduced, relieving operators of heavy lifting.

Whether it is a stand-alone conveyor component or a component of a fully integrated automatic material handling system, the supplier of pallet conveyors will also send their engineers to work on your site to ensure that an ideal solution is incorporated.

How pallet conveyors work?

Pallet conveyors can handle and transport any large, heavy, or unwieldy loads. For better control, often they are positioned low to the ground, and products are moved by:

  • Belt
  • Slats
  • Rollers
  • Chain

Any pallet conveyor systems will provide smooth integration with your auxiliary pallet handling equipment, whether powered or unpowered, like classic conveyors:

  • Robotic palletizers
  • De-palletizers
  • Turn tables
  • Stretch wrappers
  • Transfers
  • Unit load ASRS
  • Pallet dispensers

Besides, conveying products from one point to another point, a few accumulation pallet conveyor designs enable zero-pressure accumulation features.

Zero-pressure pallet accumulation conveyors serve to reduce product damage and increase equipment longevity by using photo eye-controlled networking of AC and DC motor-controlled area accumulation.

Features and benefits

  • Improve your warehouse flow
  • Can decrease traffic
  • Minimize labour load handling
  • Gentle handling to reduce product damage and precise positioning
  • Improve system throughput
  • Improve safety and ergonomics
  • Free up your fork truck equipment for many other tasks

You can also see a video presentation of warehouse automation done by Top Industries through their YouTube channel.

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