Directlyx sets up crowdfunded projects for success

Crowdfunded projects encounter a myriad of challenges. These ventures can fade or bloom on the idiosyncrasies of investors who will have to buy into the inventors’ visions. And then there is the hurdle of getting the final product to the marketplace.

Directlyx, an order fulfillment provider, has set itself up to make the transition from idea to reality a much easier path for crowdfunded-backed ventures. The company offers these innovators the platform, the support, and all the resources to get the product to consumers.

With Directlyx, “you can use all our expertise and experience to make your new venture a success,” the company promises on its website at

Order fulfillment to the rescue

Crowdfunding is a financing option entrepreneur can turn to for seed-money to start a venture when traditional lending institutions might not be willing to take the risk. Some existing enterprises also secure   crowdfunding capital to infuse financial energy into their operations.

The crowdfunding process, however, can be complex, especially when entrepreneurs are pressured to get their creations to market.

At Directlyx, crowdfunding projects get focused attention.

The company helps entrepreneurs create a compelling presentation for potential investors, figure out how much money to request, and what rewards to offer investors for coming onboard.

Other players

Other order fulfillment providers have programs to help crowdfunded projects. But not all companies in the supply-chain industry dedicate resources targeted specifically to assist crowdfunded ventures.

For example, Fulfillify, an fulfillment provider, and Shipwire, an order fulfillment and logistics company, have no specific crowdfunded options, according to their websites. But as order fulfillment companies, they can get products to consumers.

Similar to Directlyx, Simpl Fulfillment works with crowdfunding campaigns. Simpl Fulfillment integrates with Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms to pull orders, verify addresses, perform batch shipments, monitor inventory and track orders. 

On the other hand, Directlyx leverages GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Kickstarter, Celery Pre-Orders, Flash Sales, Groupon, and LivingSocial to help crowdfunded projects.

The company’s flexible innovative inventory management system gives crowdfunded recipients control. In addition, they get access to invaluable suggestions to improve business strategy. Help also includes access to tracking information, inventory management, delivery notifications, back orders and shipping alternatives.

  • Solicits backers

Directlyx commits to crowdfunding projects from the conception stage. It helps innovators and creators hone a campaign and ensures that there is enough money to cover all expected business costs. And, the company goes one step further. It solicits backers for projects.

With our experience with campaign, production, inventory management and order fulfillment – we can consult you on your campaign, so you can succeed,” the company says on its website at

The company also offers a third-party coordinator to help crowdfunded project creators keep their integrity. Directlyx ensures creativity is not sacrificed for practicality.

We have helped numerous startups establish themselves as very successful, sustainable businesses,” the company says on its website at

Crowdfunding Fulfillment Perks

Both Directlyx and Simpl Fulfillment offer discounts and savings as a way to help crowdfunded projects.

 At Simpl Fulfillment, these projects are exempt from paying a sign-up fee to work with the company. It also identifies the most cost-effective shipping options, promises fast inventory processing, and a safe and secure facility for receiving products.

And at Directlyx, crowdfunded ventures receive complimentary services. Discounted shipping rates and free shipping consolidation are free services. Additional benefits include storing products at several of the company’s warehouses to cut down on shipping costs and reduce delivery time.



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