Demystifying Compressed Air Piping Systems: Material, Design, And Maintenance Tips

The selection of the pipes that make up the distribution network directly affects the three essential elements of any compressed air system: Flow Rate, Pressure, and Air Quality. Poor choices in the pipes’ material, diameter, and network design cause problems such as restricting available airflow, most of the time causing a significant loss of working pressure. The pressure drop effect is the main cause of increased energy consumption and decreased performance in pneumatic tools and machines.

Compressed air piping choices also directly impact installation costs. The materials increase assembly times, especially in high-rise installations. The types of accessories used must also be taken into consideration. Some types of accessories cause loss of working pressure, requiring special assembly tools and a longer installation time.

Ease Of Installation

Quick to install and easy to modify, Fluid-Aire Dynamics for example is the most versatile compressed air distribution system available. Our Combining lightweight materials and connectors drastically reduces installation labor times, especially in high-rise installations.

Other Influencing Factors:

  • Installs faster than other common plumbing
  • Does not require specialized labor
  • No threading or welding is required
  • No special tools required
  • Easy assembly and connection parts
  • It can be attached to pre-existing systems with other types of pipes
  • Easy to add or modify according to your needs

Optimization of Air Flow and Quality

The aluminum used for constructing the SmartPipeĀ® has a low coefficient of friction, achieving the best possible laminar flow. Full bore fittings minimize pressure drop for optimal air distribution and energy efficiency. Leak-free connectors prevent air leaks and energy waste.

SmartPipe is ideal for installations requiring the highest quality air. The materials used do not produce waste or corrode. Additionally, it has no rough surfaces or interior restrictions that can accumulate contaminants. The smooth interior with a full-flow design allows for fluid distribution of air to the dryers and filters for


SmartPipe components are flame retardant and 100% recyclable. The pipes are constructed of 6063-T5 gauge aluminum alloy and are blue powder coated on the exterior. Pipes, fittings, and valves are silicone-free.

Connectors feature durable Nitrile seals. The 16.5, 25, and 40 mm fittings are made of flame retardant polyamide (nylon) (UL94-HB standard) and are resistant to UV rays and most compressor fluids. Accessories made of 63 mm coated aluminum. 76 and 100 mm are made of 304S stainless steel, while the 168 mm are made of anodized aluminum.

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